Catholic Funeral Services

At Bobbitt Memorial Chapel, we have all they necessary amenities to make sure your loved one can have the funeral that you and your family wishes to have. Our large funeral chapel is located in San Bernardino and is perfect to hold your Evening Viewing and Rosary.  You will be pleased to know that we always take the absolute best care by providing our full attention to each and every funeral service.

Catholic Rosary | Vigil Prayer Service

The Catholic Rosary/Vigil Prayer Service is usually held the evening before the Funeral Mass. Much like a viewing or a wake, family and friends gather at the funeral home to pray and remember their loved one. A priest or deacon will than proceed with the rosary/vigil funeral ceremony. During this time the casket will be displayed at the front of the chapel, accompanied by candles, standing crucifix, and a kneeler. You will also find inside the casket another crucifix. This crucifix is usually provided by the funeral home and will be presented to the next of kin at the conclusion of the catholic funeral. Another catholic symbol is the rosary. Rosary beads will be gently placed in your loved ones hand.

Catholic Funeral | Mass of Christian Burial

The Catholic Funeral Mass follows the same pattern as a normal Mass with elements that draw attention to the place the deceased person had in the life of the mourners. Some of these elements are, "Covering the casket with a pall" or white cloth which signifies the deceased life in Christ through baptism. This is often done by family members. Sprinkling the casket with holy water is also a remembrance of baptism. Placing Christian symbols on the covered casket such as the Book of the Gospels and a crucifix make also take place at the Mass of Christian Burial.

Catholic Burial | Rite of Committal Service

The Catholic Rite of Committal is the interment service at which the body is finally buried or interred. The Catholic Rite of Committal takes place at the cemetery. Family and friends gather together with a priest to pray over the body one last time. In order to make the burial or interment site a sacred place for the deceased, the priest will bless the cemetery burial site before the body or remains are interred. After the site has been blessed, the body or remains will be committed to the earth. The priest or deacon will then recite more prayers, and then everyone will join to say the Lord’s Prayer.