Cremation Pricing

Simple Cremation   $1,895

Standard Cremation Included

Services of funeral director and staff to handle the cremation from start to finish

Sales Tax and Permit

Memorial Service & Cremation   $3,966

Standard Cremation Included

Memorial Service held at our Chapel

Viewing & casket Not Included with option

Traditional Funeral & Cremation   $5,436

Standard Cremation Included

Viewing Included

Casket Included (30 HP Doe)

Funeral Service held at our Chapel

All Options Include the Following Services

Arrangement and coordination of events

Transfer of decedent to funeral home within local mileage*

Decedent care with refrigeration or embalming

Procurement and filing of Death Certificate

Standard Cremation, additional fee when over 300 pounds.

Additional Information

We are family owned and operated - for more than 90 years

We provide a 100% Service Guarantee

We own and operate our own crematory

Our crematory operators are trained and certified

We have a Decedent Identification Program in place

Cremation will be performed within 10 working days **

Above prices do not include cash advance items such as sales tax and state fees, or additional services or merchandise which may be required or desired.

* Additional mileage rate will apply after 20 miles of transportation.

**Cremation will be performed after payment has been received, the death certificate has been signed and approved by the State and all required forms have been properly signed and completed.

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