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With Bobbitt Memorial Chapel, expect nothing but warmth and friendly atmosphere. More so, Bobbitt will provide you top quality cremation and funeral services to truly honor and cherish the memories of your loved ones. With Bobbitt Memorial Chapel, you will not feel alone.

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We are located at: 1299 E. Highland Avenue in San Bernardino.

Bobbitt Memorial Chapel

1299 E Highland Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92404

Telephone: (909) 882-3761
Fax: (909) 882-5292
California License FD#: 1133

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Tradition Cemetery

562 S. 'I' St.
San Bernardino, CA 92410

Telephone: (909) 383-1560
California License COA#: 2127 / COA #638

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                Caring Staff
          Beautiful Facilities
            Affordable Prices

       Family Owned & Operated 

 It may be comforting to know that Bobbitt Memorial Chapel is 
still family owned & operated for over 90 years in our community.

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We are conveniently close to Loma Linda and can serve your family with the utmost care and respect.

Each of our staff members are caring professionals, they will guide you in creating an event that is meaningful and honoring.

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